Dionne Jackson

Consultant, Project Manager, and author in Vallejo, California

Dionne “TheRadicalMidwife” Jackson

Community Leader|Activist|Organizer

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Dionne is an active voice of truth. She is known to be involved in multiple activities that lend to leveling the scales as it relates to social-economic injustice in impoverished inner-city areas. She is dedicated to eradicating hunger and homelessness for the families that suffer from generations of poverty and lack. She has a sizable millennial focus and spends large amounts of time coaching and mentoring youth and young adults encouraging them and often financing educational efforts. She spearheads multifaceted fundraising efforts to break systems and cycles of educational deprivation in these very areas.

Professionally, she owns and operates Increase-Media est. 2010 after a corporate run in marketing and advertising she found her niche!

Spiritually, she founded Declare Victory in 2013, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational multi-denominational prayer community, which has resulted in on and offline teams through countless hours in both foundational efforts which, are prayer and relationship building to sustain kingdom efforts and she uses her tech-savvy methods to support & multiply them. Additional ministries have been birthed under her leadership, books have been written, marriages restored, businesses started, and healing have taken place. Five-years later those efforts have built many collaborations and initiatives to multiply the impact people experience locally and abroad.

Pre-order her highly anticipated book release “Deconstruction” the Road-map to New Beginnings!

“Feeding people is one thing, however, the key to true change is teaching people their value, giving them practical methods to change, reminding them that the generation to come needs the current generation to recognize their own importance so that they can change their appetite from just wanting to eat and develop a desire to become those who feed!”

Her constant declaration “Keep Going” because You win if you don’t quit!

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    • Increase Media | DV
A few months ago, our entire staff was affected by the infectious presence of Dionne S. Jackson. She came to us to manage a very complex project. During that time, that initially was scheduled to last 4 weeks or less, not only did she manage the project incredibly, but we decided to keep her for several other projects. All of which have been successful this has expanded the reach of our radio station in a massive way. Problem solver, Timely, Leader, multi-tasker, encourager, deadline impacter.
Demetrius Station Manager Tolefree FreedemRadio
Dionne possesses skills and expertise that are quite varied and extremely valuable. Dionne is a professional with a focus on results. Her work model is leadership with a focus on results. She exudes confidence and a willingness to learn all aspects of any given assignment. She is loyal to both the task and authority. Her integrity is unquestionable. She can absorb large amounts of data and provide interpretation of such to move the system and organization forward.
Linda Phillips Sales Operations Director AT&T
I have always been impressed by her outstanding diligence and her high level of technical expertise. Indeed, I have been more than satisfied with our working relationship. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism, technical innovation and the care and concern that Ms. Jackson demonstrated on our Inner-City Project. She consistently produces superior quality work, on time, and within budget targets.
Bessie Corgile Pastor, Empowerment Cathedral Church
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